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      1§. Definitions The following terms and conditions ( “Terms”) apply to visitors ( “visitors”) of (the “WebSite”), as well as those who use the site’s market/service platform in order to obtain or tender ( “User”) for services . Term and Conditions apply to all visitors and users. Everyone who visits the site is visitors. All tendering, or use of the market/service platform to get tenders of Users. Users are also Visitors. Users seeking tenders called in the following order Clients and Users submitting tenders referred to hereinafter as the “Washypopper”. Visitors are referred to both individuals and legal entities/persons. By visiting the website visitors accept the Terms mutatis mutandis. The terms and conditions are subject to change without special notice has been made available.The Visitor is obligated to keep themselves informed about the conditions applicable at the time. With the app(website) means the software application named “WASHYPOP”, which is going to be possible to download to a smartphone to access WASHYPOP. With the “PayPal” means payment solution PayPal. PayPal offers global business and consumer online payment solutions. The website is provided by Nicklas Persson in Stockholm ( “WASHYPOP”).

      2§ Use of the website 2.1. General

      The website and market platform is designed for individual and legal persons and provides a tool where individual and legal persons can apply and submit a tender for laundry services. The user can by entering data (see p. 2.2) use WASHYPOPs service platform where Washypoppers can bid on the clients requests for execution of wash services. The client can for tenders via the Website choose to contract with a Washypopper regarding a laundry service. WASHYPOP only provides a marketplace for the Intermediation/communication of services and mission. This means that WASHYPOP not itself undertake or perform any services or mission. WASHYPOP shall not be liable for mediated/communicated services and the qualityof the assignment. Contracts related to services or duties is an agreement between the Client and the Washypopper. These contracts are separate from WASHYPOPs operations and are therefore not in these conditions. Rights and obligations relating to the mediated/communicated service or task is therefore outside WASHYPOPs responsibility. See more about this in p.6.1.


      2.2 Terms for users to get access to the service platform requires user registration. Individuals under 18 are not entitled to either register or use Marketplace. Registration is done via the WebSite or WASHYPOPs app. Upon registration, the user enters the following information: – Name – Address – Phone number – Email address .Registration requires that the user accepts these conditions.

      Your use of the Washypop Platform constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to all of the terms and conditions in these Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) available,on, and any future amendments and additions to this Agreement (as defined below) as we may publish from time to time. You represent and warrant that that: (1) you are 18 years of age or older and are at least of the legally required age in the jurisdiction in which you reside, and are otherwise capable of entering into binding contracts, and (2) you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and that you will so abide. Where you enter into this Agreement on behalf of a company or other organization, you represent and warrant that you have authority to act on behalf of that entity and to bind that entity to this Agreement. You are required to agree to and accept these Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and the Best Practices Guide in order to access and use the Washypop Platform.

      The Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference into these Terms and these Terms and the Privacy Policy together are hereinafter referred to as this “Terms.”

      To use Washypops service platform User must approve and conclude agreements with Paypal on the issuance, distribution and redemption of electronic money and performing payment services. This Agreement is concluded separately between the User and Paypal to allow and facilitate the payment and between the Client and Washypopper for performing the task, and between Washypopper and WASHYPOP for the use of WASHYPOPs marketplace. See also § 5 of Payment. 2.3 The information that gets relayed, Users are responsible of the things that the user puts on the service platform is not contrary to existing legislation. If WASHYPOP finds any user who uploaded something that is illegal or otherwise inappropriate WASHYPOP reserves the right to partly delete this, and suspend the user’s account. Users have the right to give rating to other users. 2.4 Other information when using, a user may only register one user account with WASHYPOP. A users account must be used only by the user whos registration data relate to the account. It is forbidden to use another user’s account. 2.5 Termination of Agreement

      Users have the right to terminate this agreement and leave Washypop at anytime. Washypop may without prior notice to the user, restrict, suspend or terminate an account belonging to a user that does not respect or violate these conditions or otherwise abuse or neglect the service.

      3§ Availability The site is accessible via the Internet every day. Washypop reserves the right to update the maintenance or shut down the website or part of the site for a limited time. The speed of communication between Visitor and Washypops server depends partly on the visitor’s choice of data transmission system, partly on the volume of traffic. Washypop not responsible for any disruption of the availability of the Site that may occur because of the internet, disturbances of hosting, or maintenance of the service.

      4§ Processing of personal data 4.1 General

      All website visitors leave electronic traces. For more information on this see the “Cookies” tab. In addition, visitors choose when visiting the Website or use of the service platform to register certain information relating to itself. Visitors warrant and agree that the information provided on the visitor or if other than the visitor, in no way violates, infringes or otherwise violates the rights of third parties, such as, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, or privacy . If the data are personal data, they shall be treated according to the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204). Such personal information may be name, address, telephone number, social security number,personal number, email address, IP address, etc. 4.2 Processing of personal data in connection with the registration for use of the marketplace Users agree that leaving personal data are processed as follows: Personal data that Washypop garnering is handled in compliance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204) rules. The personal data that Washypop collect about users treated at Washypop in order to prepare, develop and carry out service or obligations to follow the law or regulation. The data are also managed by Washypop to check each user’s identity. The information may be forwarded to Washypops suppliers to enable them to fulfill their obligations to Washypop as part of the service Washypop offers its Users. The information is forwarded to other users in order to fulfill the mediation of request, offer and acceptance between the Client and Washypoppers (except personal). The provided information is forwarded to other users only to the extent required for the conclusion of agreements between the Client and the Washypopper. When a Washypopper provides a service to a client, the Washypoppers contact informationis made (ie full name, email address and phone number) available to the Client. The data provided will also be forwarded to Paypal to allow agreement on the payment solution between PayPal and the User. In order to maintain the marketplace quality and for statistical purposes ,Washypop stores date (day and hour) for the last login to the service, in pseudonymized shape. Login information will be repseudonymized, and assigned to a particular user only in the case where no login is recorded over a more than six-month period. Users also agree that the information might be used for market analysis, product development and for marketing purposes. Personal information provided by visitors is stored only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of Washypops services, not beyond 6 months. 4.3 The personal data controller  for the processing of personal data in connection to the site is Washypop. Personal data representative is Nicklas Persson. Visitors have the right to receive information about their own personal data, which is processed by Washypop, and if necessary, request correction of the information. Such a request should be made in writing to Washypop and shall include the sender’s name, address, and be signed.

      5§ Payment Users accept the following terms and conditions concerning payment: Payment for services / mission as a Washypopper perform for a client occurs through Paypal payment solution, see separate agreement. As Principal, payment shall be made when the client chooses to accept an offer from a Washypopper. The payment is made via the payment service Paypal. Washypop receive the payment from the Client on The Washypoppers behalf and transfer the amount into a trust account until the mission is accomplished. If the client does not approve the mission within 20 days a paid compensation will be done to Washypopperns account at Paypal. The Washypopper is obliged to pay 10% of their compensation from the Client to Washypop for the use of Washypops marketplace to obtain a contract. The provision of compensation to the Washypopper does not make that the Washypopper somehow stands in employment or assignments relative to Washypop. When the Washypopper wish to have their compensation paid, he must login to Paypal and “check out” them, see more in separate agreements with Paypal. If the assignment is not approved by the Client because of quality reasons, the compensation will still be paid to the Washypopper, read more under p. 6.1. If the Washypopper is not present at all or are so delayed that the service can not be performed  the entire compensation will be repaid to the Client. The refund is made within 30 days of the assignment’s completion date. If a Washypopper does not appear to perform a task, there is a risk to be blacklisted by Washypop.

      You also agree to PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy publicly that is available here:

      • 6 Limitation of Liability 6.1 General Washypop offers via the internet and mobile, electronic meeting and marketplace(Can also be named as platform) where registered users can buy and sell services from and to other users under these conditions. To communicate they use the site’s service platform. The agreements between the Client and Washypoppers is done separately. The fact that a client accepts a bid from a Washypopper, the Washypopper and the Client has concluded a contract for the performance of a mission. When that is done the Washypopper is obligated to perform the service under contract. It is also the responsibility for the Client to deliver the item and to deliver it at the agreed place and time to receive service from the Washypopper. Washypop is not a part in the agreement between the Client and the Washypopper. Washypop therefore have no liability to users for the agreement they had reached with each other through the use of the marketplace(Platform). Washypop also has no obligation to perform a service for a client, and has no liability if a Washypopper is late with the performance of a service or if a service does not meet the Client’s expectations. Washypops task is only to facilitate communication between users, that by Washypop provides a service platform where users can network and communicate. Washypop are not committed to resolve any disputes between users. Any disputes must be resolved directly between users. Washypop absolves itself completely from any liability in terms of rights and obligations between the Client and Washypopper.If there is a fault or deficiency in service / mission the client should apply directly to the Washypopper who has undertaken the task / execution of the service. 6.2 When usining the Website, Washypop is not responsible if Washypop has not been gross negligence, for any damage by visitors can not use the service platform as intended because of the outage or other disruption of computer or communication systems used by Washypop or necessary maintenance of Washypops computer system. Losses that may arise in other cases shall not be compensated by Washypop if Washypop acted with normal care. Washypop is not liable under any circumstances for indirect damage. Visitors are responsible for any damage he may suffer because of an error in the Visitor’s own data and / or communication equipment, software or subscription. 6.3 To large or insurmountable forces, unexpected or unpredictable events and effects that can not be handled in the usual way, or “hand of God”, which prevents anyone to do what it set out or committed to, in particular incumbent anyone to do under the law binding agreement ,Washypop is not responsible for damage due to Swedish or foreign legal decrees, Swedish or foreign authorities, acts of war, strikes, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances. The reservation in respect of strikes, blocades, boycotts and lockouts applies even if Washypop itself the object of or takes such measures. Should the Washypop to make available the application or taking other action due to circumstances or to this subparagraph shall be postponed until the impediment has ceased. Visitors should to Washypop immediately complain (complain) errors or defects in the Site and service platform which affects visitors in a detrimental way. Complaints should be submitted as soon as visitors discovered the error or omission. Complaints is made to 6.4 Tax consequences

      The purchase and sale of mission and services can have a tax liability of various kinds. Users are solely responsible for any tax consequences that may arise as a result of the use of the service Washypop provides for the delivery of services and mission. Washypop refer users to the Tax Agency in the country where the user is liable to pay tax for information on issues relating to tax. 6.5 Other disclaimers that Washypop also are exempt from penalty is for failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if the fulfillment of the obligation is prevented or significantly impeded by: water damage, lightning, interference from radio waves, power outage, or other disturbances on the grid.Also discolouration of clothing. 6.6 Other Washypops service does not entail or will lead to the creation of a private agency. The service is intended neither to create a partnership or employment relationship between Washypop and a User or between a client and a Washypopper. PayPal has no liability towards the users in addition to the electronic money Paypal have posted in each user’s virtual wallet on the basis of the information received from Washypop.

      • 7 Copyrights 7.1 General ,The content of the Website as well as the underlying software is protected under copyright law. The information is here to copyright protection such as database under the same law. It is prohibited without the consent from Washypop to make copies – no matter what technology there is – of all or part of the content on the Site. Without such consent, it is also forbidden to make all or part of the contents of the website available to the public through the use of the Internet or otherwise. 7.2 Linking, When linking to the Website The website will always be opened in a new window. The content of the Website may never without Washypops prior consent be presented in the context of another site. It is not allowed to link in such a way that the site content have a risk to be misunderstood.



      • 8 Google maps Washypop may need to use mapview- and satellite photo service conventionally known as “Google Maps” [Google Maps], a service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (called “Google”). When a user activates the “Locate Me” in Washypop, Google may collect and process information about the user’s current geographic location. Depending on the user’s hardware’s capabilities, Google may in addition gather information about nearby Wi-Fi routers, cell identities of the mobile towers that are closest to the user as well as the strength of the WiFi or mobile signals. Google uses this information to return an estimated location to the user’s mobile browser, and the browser will then notify the estimated location of Washypop. For each request sent to Google Location Service, Google may also come to collect such information as the user’s IP address, user agent and user’s unique customer identification. According to Google this information is used to distinguish requests from each other, not to identify users personally. More information about the Google Location Service and its privacy policy available at:


      9 § Facebook It is possible to connect registration and login via web and app through Facebook. If the user agrees to join via Facebook, it can be shown on the user’s Facebook account that the user uses Washypop.

      • 10 Disputes Washypop strive to have satisfied visitors and therefore recommend visitors to apply directly to Washypop with any comments and / or complaints about the service. If visitors then want to make any complaint refers individuals to the Allmäna Reklamationsnämnden (Board for Consumer Complaints), BOX 174 101 23Stockholm, Sweden. Visitors can also get their case tried in court. Disputes concerning these terms or Washypops services in general will be settled by a Swedish court in accordance with Swedish law.


      • 11 Insurance All users are encouraged to obtain insurance when using Washypops services.Washypop have non and will not get any insurance for the user’s behalf. Washypop provides no insurance that protects both the client of the mission, nor the person performing the mission. Washypop encourages users to sign an insurance coverage that may consist of: o Property insurance, which covers damage to property that the person performing the task uses to accomplish the mission. o liability insurance. o Accident insurance, which takes care of the damage to the person carrying out the mission encountered during the mission, or on the way to and from the mission. To be completely sure what exactly applies to your mission, you should contact your insurance company.