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    Earn money with WASHYPOP

    Earn money with WASHYPOP

    Use your skills and earn some extra money

    This is how it works

    * Select a mission

    * Make an offer, place a bid

    * Be engaged and perform missions

    * Get paid and Reviewed

    Why become a Washypopper?

    * You make the decisions

    * You can work when ever you want

    * As a Washypopper you name the price yourself

    * Get more jobs with better reviews

    * Win more jobs by collecting good reviews and ratings from the clients

    * Choose missions Near By you

    * You’ll get notifications when a mission near by you is posted

    Application Process

    * Describe yourself in a few lines

    * Upload a profile picture and your contact information where we can reach you when you performing missions

    * Customize your profile

    * We want to get to know our Washypoppers. Answer a few simple questions and you’re ready to go

    Get a jobs immediately, consider the following in order to have a better chance to get a mission:

    * Have a good profile picture, respond quickly and treat everyone with respect

    * Reconcile details

    * Once you have been selected to perform a mission, it is important that you communicate quickly and clearly with the client

    * Get ready to carry out your mission

    * Customize your profile for best possible match

    Secure payments

    * We help you get paid by our platform. You do not have to ask the client for the payment

    * Your payment will appear on your PayPal account after the client has approved your mission

    Becoming a Washypopper is completely free. Washypop only charge an agency fee of 10% per completed mission.