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      Jul 21 st, 2017
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      Bid Adieu To Manual Cleaning And Choose Washypop: The Online Laundry Pick-up And Delivery Service

      Online Laundry in Sweden

      In this ever-changing world, where life is a mad rush, doing laundry chores after a tired day looks like a burden. Although it is one of the necessary tasks, it would be fair to say that most of us don’t really enjoy doing it.

      Today, Washing and drying have become tedious chores and it looks even more boring when you know you can easily outsource them.

      So if you are suffering from a laundry-workout and are tired of manually cleaning your clothes, give a shot to Washypop- one of the best laundry pickup and delivery service, based in Stockholm.

      With Washypop, you don’t have to worry about separating light colors from the dark ones or, folding or sorting of clothes. You don’t even have to pick the heavy load to drop at their door; all you have to do is post a mission and a washypopper will contact you soon.

      Not only providing convenient pickup and delivery service, their washing missions are easy on the pocket too. So, say goodbye to manually cleaning and choose this affordable laundry service. Still getting skeptical about choosing Washypop? Have a rundown to know why you should opt for them:

      Provides Ease To Workaholics:



      Doing laundry is a very time-consuming task, right from picking clothes and washing them separately as per the fabric to drying them accordingly. And if you are working or hard-pressed by time, it becomes a nightmare. However, with Washypop it’s a task that needs just a few clicks. They give you an ease to contact a washypopper in your proximity.  Not just washing, they also provide pick-up and drop-off services to give you a breath of convenience. So if you are in a day-to-night job and hardly have a weekend to chill, don’t waste it! Call Washypop and let them do the rest.

      Online Laundry Service in Stockholm

      No Straining Over Staining:

      Don’t worry if your children or husband are more prone to sloppiness; Washypoppers are experts and know how to remove stubborn stains to make your garments look brand new.

      Gives Unmatched Quality:

      Washypop has a team of professionals who take good care of your dirty clothes. Their professional staff is trustworthy who will not only wash your garments carefully but will also return tightly packed and neat clothes at your doorstep. Moreover, they not just take good care of your clothes but also ensure that they are dust-free and hygienic.

      Convenient And Easy-To-Use: 

      Getting your laundry done from Washypop gives you extra time for yourself. And in that time you can do stuff you like, not laundry. So give your not-so-cool task to the washypoppers and sit relax. To do so, all you have to do is visit their website and post a mission. Once done, a washypopper will contact you himself.

      You can coordinate with them and give your bundle of dirty clothes to them. They will get back to you with clean and packed clothes in a time-frame set by you. They understand that you are busy with your daily chores, so they take orders as per your convenience, giving you the ease to choose a pick-up time and delivery time that suits your schedule.

      Pay When You Are Satisfied:

      on Demand Laundry Stockholm

      Another major reason to trust Washypop is that they provide you with an ease to pay only when you are 100% satisfied with the entire washing process and your fabric is not hampered. Initially, when you select a mission, you have to pay the amount for your load. But don’t fret! That money will be locked in your washypop account which will be paid to the washer only when you are satisfied with the work. If the washypopper fails, he will not receive a single penny.

      Gives Additional Services:

      Washypop is a professionally driven laundry service that not just delivers washed and ironed clothes, but takes an extra step to please their customers. They use products like fabric-friendly detergents,  softeners etc. to care for your hygiene. You can easily trust all cleaning supplies that they use for a wash. With them, your clothes are handled with utmost care to retain their color and quality.


      Despite so many benefits of choosing online laundry services, people still scoff at the idea and find them very costly. Unlike others, Washypop charges  pocket-friendly prices for laundry services. Their washing services are affordable and you can choose it over manual cleaning, any day.

      So now that you are well-aware about how choosing a laundry service over manual cleaning can save so much of your precious time and money, it’s now time to call Washypop and get your clothes pampered.